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Are you looking for eCommerce insights, strategy, or operational advice for your eCommerce business? Future Commerce is the leading podcast for founders and operators alike who aren't looking for the next conversion rate optimization tip or how to execute a playbook. It's for those who yearn for something deeper than CRO and PPC. Each week our hosts Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange ask hard questions to founders and executives at successful brands and how they turned their 'making money online' approach into a thriving business.

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    Monoculture is Dead: LIVE from NRF 2020

    Is Omnichannel really dead? How are niche brands reaching an entirely new (or not so new) generation of customers? And does Coty know what to do with Kylie Cosmetics? Find out during our LIVE NRF 2020 episode where Phillip and Brian are joined by Ingrid Cordy!

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    Vision 2020: A Future Commerce Podcast on the State of Retail, presented by Gladly

    The next phase of the growth of your business will be based on your ability to plan for the changes coming over the next 10 years. Things like outsized customer expectations, online behemoths and marketplaces like Walmart and Amazon, Generation Z coming of age, aging of the Millennial population, and a whole lot more there are things to consider in the 2020s that will either put you ahead of the pack in your DTC or retail business or at the back of the pack. In this podcast, we break down what you need to succeed in the next 10 years, from our perspective as analysts.

    Listen now!

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    How Accurate Were our 2019 Predictions?

    It's time to look back on our 2019 predictions to see how accurate we were. Death of Apple? Nope. The departure of Walmart from DTC? Yep. Acceleration of customer expectations? YES. Lots to unpack in our first episode of the year. Listen now!

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    "You See the Glory, But You Don't Know the Story" w/ Audrey McLoghlin, Grayson

    After the birth of her daughter, the creator of cult brand Frank and Eileen saw the world a little differently. Women are superheroes and Audrey McLoghlin wanted to create a shirt just for them. Grayson is the result of her 5 year consideration on building a new brand from the ground up. In this episode, we talk about how to create a sustainable business with a B2B component in the new DTC era, how to play the long game, and how to join the “hundred club” — owning 100% of the business. Listen now!

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    Climate Neutral: The New Minimum Standard for Corporate Responsibility

    Measure, Reduce, Offset. That's the simple formula for Climate Neutral, a new label that certifies the commitment of a brand to track, and lower, their carbon emissions. Austin Whitman and Caitlin Drown join us to talk about the future of brand trust, consumer expectation, and even a little bit of speculation on how offsetting today can change the world tomorrow. Listen now!

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    [Step by Step] How Can I Successfully Sell My Business? (Michelle Cordeiro Grant, Lively)

    Welcome to Step by Step, a 5-part series from Future Commerce to help walk you through how to launch and grow a successful business. This season, we're talking about funding. Today is episode 5. Phillip & Brian are joined by Michelle Cordeiro Grant, Founder of Lively to chat about her experience working with Venture Capital from a founder's perspective.

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    [Step by Step] How and When Do I Raise Venture Capital? (Robin Li, GGV)

    Welcome to Step by Step, a 5-part series from Future Commerce to help walk you through how to launch and grow a successful business. This season, we're talking about funding. Today is episode 3. Phillip & Brian are joined by Robin Li, Principal at GGV Capital to talk about discuss the process of raising venture capital and an initiative called Evolving E.

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    [Step by Step] Retail Funding 101 (Jordan Knapp, Jamie Oliver, Shopify Plus)

    Welcome to Step by Step, a 5-part series from Future Commerce to help walk you through how to launch and grow a successful business. This season, we're talking about funding. Today, Phillip and Brian are joined by Jamie Oliver and Jordan Knapp from Shopify Plus to talk about funding for your eCommerce store.

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    Coming Soon: Step by Step, a New Series

    Have you ever wondered how to get funding for your retail business? Wonder no more! in a new series from Future Commerce - the number one retail podcast - we walk you through all that you need to know in order to build and exit from a successful retail business. In partnership with Shopify Plus, we'll take you from zero to hero, Step by Step.

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    "The High and Low Can Exist Together" w/ Jeff Carvalho, Highsnobiety

    Zine culture in the 90s bred the digital-first content brands of the 2000s, which have led to thriving online marketplaces where content begets commerce today. The best example we can think of is a digital property called Highsnobiety, which tracks the intersection between urban culture, streetwear, and luxury. In this episode Jeff Carvalho, co-founder of Highsnobiety, joins us to talk about how commerce is their next great investment and how it's bringing their readers closer than ever before.

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    "Subscriptions Are a Tool, Not a Model" (w/ Mike Lackman - CEO, Trade Coffee)

    Two of the smartest people we've ever had the pleasure of interviewing join the show this week! In our main interview, Mike Lackman, CEO at Trade Coffee joins the Future Commerce team to talk about how subscriptions and curation are driving user adoption and repeat business at Trade Coffee. In our "what's new and what's next" segment at the end of the show, Hitha Herzog, retail analyst and author of 'Black Market Billions' joins us to talk Nike's Amazon Exit, Coty's $600MM Kylie acquisition, and the effect of counterfeits on the marketplace during Holiday 2020.

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    "Local is Power" (feat. Alistair Crane, CEO @ Hero)

    We all need Heroes - and Alistair Crane and recurring guest Ingrid Milman Cordy join us today to talk about how any retail business can become a Hero to their customers. PLUS: Shoptalk's own Zia Wigder joins us to talk about their decision to program only female speakers in their 2020 event. Listen now!

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    "No Money. No Sales. No Customers. Start From Absolute Zero." (feat. Megan Whitman, CDO @ Kopari Beauty)

    Brian bought 5 different mattresses and lives to tell the story. Phillip reviews DTC candle brands. Yes, really. ALSO: the guys sit down for an amazing interview with Megan Whitman, the Chief Digital Officer at Kopari Beauty, who joined us to talk about her experience growing the digital channel from "absolute zero". Kopari today is available everywhere from sample boxes to Ulta and is partnering with the likes of Drybar to reach even more customers.

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    Tracksmith: Unapologetically Premium (feat. Matt Taylor, CEO)

    A NEW FORMAT. BOOM! In part 1 of #132: Matt Taylor created something special when he created Tracksmith. Based on heritage and collegiate styles, Tracksmith has redefined outdoor apparel in a space that is dominated by household names and global retailers. In the second half: LVMH bids on Tiffany and Sucharita Kodali of Forrester gives us the low-down on 180-year-old brand.

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    Ideation as a Discipline (w/ Ishani Gujral, Madrona Venture Labs)

    Jump into the world of Madrona Venture Labs! Our deep dive conversation with Ishani Gujral illuminates the ins and outs of a VC Lab. The best part: she guides a fun-sized ideation session on the fly. Get ready for the worst ideas ever!

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    RXBAR CMO: "No Bullsh*t" is Never Going Away

    "The best marketing is when the customer doesn't know they're being marketed to" says RXBAR CMO, Victor Lee. His statement may ruffle some feathers but the truth is that great storytelling transcends marketing and becomes valuable entertainment. Listen now!

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    Environmental Data: Optimizing Supply Chain (w/ Hugh Holman, Observa)

    If you thought a deep-dive on supply chain couldn't be stimulating, think again. Hugh Holman, CEO at Observa, gives us a primer on what it takes to implement retail planning and forecasting. Observa is building retail compliance systems powered by AI, on-demand workforces, machine learning and machine vision - not just to enforce compliance, but to arm retailers with data to plan orders, manufacturing, demand planning. Listen now!

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    Monday Update: Klaviyo:BOS

    Monday update is back! Today we OWN IT. The theme of this year's Klaviyo:BOS event was to own your channel. We chat about tools like Webflow that are shortening the path from concept to launch - giving designers , marketers, and creatives the ability to own their entire experience without a developer. Listen now!

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    Bringing Commerce Closer: Audience First (w/ Evan Moore, NBC/Universal)

    "The intersection of content and commerce" asks the question - would you buy Cheesy Blasters while watching 30 Rock? Odds are, you would. And that's the bet that NBC/Universal is placing on investing in bringing DTC brands to their large audiences across their portfolio of original programming and content. From Goop to the Minions we go deep on the opportunity at hand with Evan Moore. Listen now!

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    "Citizen Commerce: Growing Big While Staying Small" (w/ Jules Pieri, The Grommet)

    Product discovery and marketplaces are all the rage right now but when Jules Pieri launched a product discovery marketplace 11 years ago she pioneered a cross-section of entrepreneurship that launches products more than 300 times per year. The Grommet is a curated marketplace of small businesses producing unique products from inspirational founders.

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    Traditional Brands Must Be Less Afraid to Fail (w/ Bob Meixner, Oracle)

    With retail customers like Dollar Tree and White House Black Market, Oracle knows a thing or two about commerce. Their recent report, published in conjunction with CommerceNext, dives into how brands of all sizes - from DTC to Enterprise and Luxury, are investing in 2019 and beyond.

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    NO SHOW TODAY. #strikewithus #climatestrike

    No episode today. Climate change is the biggest threat to the future of our lives, country, and world. Youth across the U.S. will lead a #ClimateStrike on September 20 to demand legislative action to combat climate change #StrikeWithUs strikewithus.org

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    Amazon: Equal Opportunity Addiction - an Interview with Kiri Masters, Author "Amazon for CMOs"

    Brands and consumers alike are addicted to Amazon. In this interview Kiri Masters, Author of "Amazon for CMOs", joins us to talk about her new book launch, how brands are battling addiction to the big-A, how consumers are being lured in with everything from advertising to QVC-style programming, and how everyone from Lady Gaga to Mitsubishi are competing for your attention on the world's biggest store.

    Listen now!

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    Focused Brands Find Their Audience (w/ Emily Singer, Chips + Dips)

    How do brands create retention strategies centered around content to keep their customers consistently purchasing? Emily Singer, the founder of consumer brand-focused newsletter Chips + Dip, joins the show to talk trends, brand analysis and how modern brands are using storytelling to create rich, immersive experiences for their customers.

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    Monday Update: The Future Commerce Sustainability Initiative

    Few updates for your Monday morning: we launched the Future Commerce Sustainability Initiative, we're publishing bonus content on the next two Tuesdays, we're at Etail East in Boston and don't miss this next Friday's episode with Mizzen and Main!

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    "Off-Platform": Building Tools to Discover the World (w/ Jeremy King, Pinterest)

    Pinterest is giving their community tools to engage in commerce, not to interact more online but to get out and discover the world around them. In this episode we interview Jeremy King, the SVP of Engineering at Pinterest and former CTO of Walmart.com, to discover how they're using advanced machine vision and context to power the catalogs and commerce experiences both on-and-off-platform. Listen now!

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    "Meatless Mania"

    🎶"I love you, you love me, Barney's filing bank-rupt-cy!" PLUS: who is the vegan-curious Subway customer? Listen now!

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    The Attention Economy

    When brands like Outdoor Voices launch a new content platform it gets us thinking about retail-brands-turned-content-creators and begs the question: who is the winner in the attention economy? Do brands have what it takes to create engaging and timely content? Listen now!

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    We ask the question - is social activism by brands virtue-signaling or tone-deaf marketing? Listen now!

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    "Late-Stage Capitalism"

    What are the implications of multi-generational branding? PLUS: is empowering employees the key to bolstering customer retention? Listen now!

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    Our Monday update is back: "Re-commerce" players like StockX and TheRealReal have huge news this week in our continued coverage of Secondhand Commerce. Listen now!

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    Store Closings in Reverse (w/ Ingrid Milman, e.l.f. Cosmetics)

    Ingrid Milman is back, and she has some really exciting news to share with our audience! Some retailers are actually opening more stores, and somehow Brian has never been to a Burlington. Plus- Way too many legacy brands are overusing terms like "data-driven, and both Glossier and Lively have figured out (in different ways) how to create communities around both their products and their customers! Listen Now!

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    Cheap Fakes

    Phillip and Brian are back to talking about deep fakes (and cheap fakes), Instagram may be having a massive influence on purchasing decisions, and is the term direct-to-consumer no longer relevant? Listen now!

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    "Chipotle is Woke Subway"

    Brian wants to go "woke" hunting, Phillip identifies socially conscious brands, Digiday launches Modern Retail. PLUS: MailChimp creates a content division because, quote, "why not?" Listen now!

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    "Real Estate as a Luxury Impulse Purchase"

    Instagram is powering impulse luxury purchases, Snapchat launches commerce (for influencers), IKEA rolls out robot furniture, PLUS: Stitch Fix earnings are in and the outcome might surprise you. Listen now!

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    "Challenging the Design Normative"

    Bonobos is the newest to try-before-you-buy brands, Walmart is killing it, Phillip loves on ULTA (again) but not for the reason you think - PLUS a new approach to designing ecommerce experiences for Gen Z. Listen now!

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    Is Conversational Commerce a $112B Opportunity?

    What does Star Trek teach us about ambient computing? How is voice evolving? Is voice dead? And if not is it a potential $112B market opportunity? Special bonus episode COMIN ATCHA. Listen now!

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    "Mood Ring Garter Belts by Subscription"

    One of these things is not like the other: Arby's x Birchbox, $88 rental products from Urban Outfitters and a prediction of Kohl's having a potential suitor. Listen now!

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    Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2019

    As Brian heads to NRF Tech Phillip pontificates on a foreseeable future where permits and certificates of occupancy are required to build shopping experiences on the web. Listen now!

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    "Deliciously Sinful" - Brand Sustainability in the Age of Impulse Luxury (w/ Ingrid Milman)

    Ingrid Milman (Ann Taylor, LOFT) sits in this week in our Earth Week deep-dive to discuss sustainability, transparency in supply chain, and "deliciously sinful" luxury impulse buys. Who has the true influence on the eco-conscious purchase decision - the brand or the consumer? How can fashion lead the conversation in transparent supply chain and manufacturing processes? Featured brands this week: Outdoor Voices, Rent the Runway, Reformation, H&M, Allbirds and more. Listen now!

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    Bonus - Earth Day 2019

    What do Amazon, Everlane, Allbirds and New York City have in common? They have all announced Carbon Offset initiatives. Brian's out so this is our first mini-episode covering some of the stories that landed on Earth Day, April 22, 2019. Listen now!

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    "Data-Driven Storytelling" - feat. Rachel Swanson, Method + Mode Research

    In the age of brands having veritable lakes of data how do you action and champion the story behind the data - how do you use it to bring real insight into who your customer is and what she wants? In this episode we sit down with Rachel Swanson, founder of Method + Mode, a market research firm, to take some of Future Commerce's own medicine - to listen to our audience and learn from the data that was generated from our first-ever audience survey.

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    "The Modern Consumer Has Trust Issues" feat. Scott Emmons, CTO at Current Global

    Are digital experiences the gateway to a more accessible luxury experience for millennial consumers? Scott Emmons opens up to us about his successes at Neiman Marcus, the future of technology adoption at retail brands, and how he's bringing that culture of innovation and technology leadership to other brands in his new role at Current Global.

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    "I'm Lovin' It": Upselling french fries in the age of personalization

    In this episode, we unpack Instagram and Pinterest: Is social commerce the new "dot-com"? Can a fast food chain be a good steward of an AI-based startup? Plus: Glossier and Rent the Runway go Unicorn, Apple Credit, and Jeremy King leaves Walmart.

  57. Thumb 1552964030 artwork

    "Transforming Showrooms into Collaboration Spaces"

    Live from Shoptalk 2019, there's a lot to say about brands, Levi's keynote, and puppies which seem to be everywhere! Future Commerce Director of Content Lianne Hikind joins the show, and clienteling is a major theme at Shoptalk sessions.

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    Deep Fakes for Commerce: A New Era of Personalization for Retail

    CVS launches "Beauty Mark", its truth-in-advertising campaign; while AI is generating faces that are plausibly real. Meanwhile companies like SuperPersonal are putting customers into model try-on videos. Have "deep fakes" - AI algorithms that map faces and micro-expressions onto stock footage - come to retail? How can they help? How can they hurt?

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    "The Intersection of Preferences and Intent" (with Chris Homer, CTO @ thredUP)

    Recorded live at eTail West 2019, Brian sits down with Chris Homer of thredUP to talk about how data is assisting the "treasure hunt" in the secondhand retail market space. thredUP uses data, events and preferences to help their customers find wardrobe pieces they'll love, and they use technology to assist them to have joyful experiences over and over.

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    "Bottle Up Kindness" (w/ Ingrid Milman, Ann Taylor)

    Brian sits down at eTail West 2019 with Ingrid Milman, eCommerce Strategist for Ann Inc (Ann Taylor | LOFT | Lou & Grey) . Ingrid talks about customer expectations in the digital age, clienteling as a culture, and how to lace kindness into a brand culture from top to bottom - from employee interaction to customer experience.

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    "The Future is Driven by Failure"

    Shoptalk 2019 is mere weeks away and so we take the opportunity to look through the brands, the speakers, and the agenda! ALSO: Is voice dead? Why don't we talk about failure? What were the key takeaways from the 2017 and 2018 editions of Shoptalk and what are we hoping to learn in 2019?

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    "Controlling My Data Should Be a Fundamental Human Right"

    "Controlling my data will be a fundamental human right in the 2050's" Phillip and Brian recap Future Stores Miami and get deep into futurism on what the future of humanity and commerce looks like as we evolve from Homo Erectus, to Homo Sapien and finally to Homo Deus.

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    Annual Predictions Episode - 2019 Commerce Trends and Technology

    Phillip and Brian deliver on their 2019 predictions - AR is here, where is it heading? Retail wages - are they rising? Brands can finally compete with Amazon - and what about Charitable Commerce? All that and more - PLUS what the "retail apocalypse" was REALLY all about. Listen now!

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    "Instagrammable Moments" Live @ NRF 2019

    Products that are sharable are all the rage - in part 1 of our recap of NRF we come to you live from the show floor and talk about how retailers are using customer engagement to shape how their product assortment and marketing are crafted. Listen now!

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    "New Commerce" with Brandon L. Singer, Cushman Wakefield

    "Stores with in stores" is a concept often spoken but seldom understood. With retail closures on the rise we look at how real estate is adapting to new digitally native brands, how flagships are shifting focus, and how companies like Cushman and Wakefield are helping brands get to market faster than ever. Listen now!

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    First Look: Mobile Optimization Study

    The question of the day is "how can I turn mobile browsers into buyers"? The mobile optimization community initiative is helping answer this question by partnering with an engaged ecommerce community of retailers and systems integrators to test assumptions and deliver solutions for their clients. Listen now!

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    Wayfair: Building Durable Customer Experiences

    How do you build durable customer experiences? According to Wayfair's Steve Conine it starts by innovating and owning the entire experience, soup to nuts. In this episode we interview the co-founder of Wayfair and how investment in platform, technology, customer experience and even open source are the differentiators in creating engaging customer journies. Listen now!

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    "Shopify LA" = Apple Genius Bar?

    Shopify opens its first physical brick-and-mortar store in DTLA to support merchants on the platform. Is this just for the press or does it signal a reposition of the company and how it thinks about itself? Listen now!

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    Amazon Cake Mix®

    We review Amazon's Four Star store concept - is it "Analogue Amazon" or is it just the Service Merchandise of 2018? How does Amazon prevent it from becoming mostly Alexa devices or 100% in-house brands? Does realtime pricing affect classism? Listen now!

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    "California Is Our Only Hope"

    Netflix is pioneering digital-first "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style content; because who else owns the delivery platform and the content authorship? Also: Plus-size investments are becoming more prevalent with Wal-Mart's acquisition of Eloquii, California bans "bots". Listen now!

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    "Right on Target"

    Target released its earnings just before we published Episode 80 - and our whole perspective shifted. Plus: Salesforce's Benioff is on a spending spree; Apple's major differentiator - creating products you literally can't live without. Literally. Listen now!

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    Shop.org 2018 Innovation Lab

    Brian attends Shop.org 2018 and interviews the most compelling exhibitors in the Innovation Lab. From 3D body scanning to projection mapping listen how retailers are pushing the limits of technology.

  76. Thumb 1564777224 artwork

    "There's Always Money in the Banana Stand"

    What do Wal-Mart, Target, Shipt, Instacart, and squeezing avocados have to do with the one-a-day banana? Plus: how Facebook and segmented targeting of social ads can lead to race discrimination. Listen now!

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    "Email is a Global Identity Platform" (w/ Allen Nance, Emarsys)

    According to Allen Nance email has transcended from a communication platform to a global source of identity for consumers the world over. The CMO of Emarsys sits down with us to talk about how this communication medium has a globally accepted protocol which may unlock the key to identity in a social and mobile commerce future. Listen now!

  78. Thumb 1564777546 artwork

    "Clicks to Bricks"

    "Voice is dead", Hema launches experiential grocery, cast your votes with the blockchain! Also - which online mattress retailer is opening 200 stores in the USA? One guess, and it rhymes with "blasper". Listen now!

  79. Thumb 1564777691 artwork

    "Zucchini in a Cucumber Pile" w/ Sucharita Kodali

    Sucharita Kodali of Forrester Research joins us to talk about the unfortunate demise of Toys 'R Us and her new book, "Toys 'R Bust: Reasons One of the Country’s Most Revered Retailers Collapsed". Listen now!

  80. Thumb 1564777819 artwork

    "There is No One Best Experience" (w/ Monika Kochhar, Smartgift)

    For all of the testing and optimization we do on today's ecommerce sites we are missing a vital section of our shopper personas: those who buy on behalf of someone else. Monika Kochhar of Smartgift walks us through the "Science of Gifting" and how, at its heart, gift-giving can be improved in today's digital commerce experiences.

  81. Thumb 1564777920 artwork

    "PANDA-MONIUM": The Great Build-a-Bear crisis of 2018

    Is Magic Leap ready for prime time? Adidas and Parley harvest Starbucks straws from the ocean and pack them into overpriced running shoes, and kids experience existential dread while waiting in 7 hour lines for "experiential" commerce. Listen now!

  82. Thumb 1564778030 artwork

    "We Shouldn't Have to Wear Juggalo Makeup"

    "FREAKING PRIVACY? HOW DOES IT WORK?" We dig into the privacy impacts of advancements in facial recognition software and how it has vast impacts on Global Commerce. PLUS: Brian has a huge announcement! Listen now!

  83. Thumb 1564778143 artwork

    "Choose Your Own Adventure" (w/ Dave Pelton, Vertex)

    LIVE from IRCE 2018! The Supreme Court of the United States is about to make a decision in a landmark case which may affect how sales tax nexus is calculated for merchants in all 50 states. Dave Pelton, Product Line Leader at Vertex, breaks down how this decision could affect retail and how - regardless of the outcome - online merchants may be impacted going forward.

    Listen now!

  84. Thumb 1564778286 artwork

    Community as a Retail Differentiator

    Community-building is powering everything from product innovation to commerce platforms. In this episode we dive into how to build a community and how to do it with authenticity. Plus: how did Kanye West's Yeezy brand shape the entire footwear industry in just 5 years?

  85. Thumb 1564778465 artwork

    "Nirvana of Personalization"

    Can you be persuaded into behavior based on social proof? "Retail Predestination" is what happens when a social network decides you need to purchase something. Do you have the agency to make purchase decisions or is Facebook deciding your fate and retail persona? We dive into the Adobe + Magento partnership and uncover how personalization is affecting how purchase decisions are being made, and in turn, how consumers are behaving.

  86. Thumb 1565371147 artwork

    Manufactured Scarcity: Secondhand Commerce

    As resale of luxury goods and scarce artist collaborations in fashion is on the rise - how long until brands begin to own their own "secondary markets"? Secondhand commerce is here, and we take a deep dive into the maturation of the afterlife of luxury goods. ALSO: subscription commerce comes to the auto industry. Listen now!

  87. Thumb 1565371282 artwork

    "Sommoliers of Retail"

    Experiential retail is here - what does the sales force look like? Facebook is mining Instagram photos for context with AI while unveiling a new dating service. Twitter fesses up to a security issue. Commerce comes to social. Also: is the AI talent market causing brain drain in education?

  88. Thumb 1565371581 artwork

    "Push Notifications for Chewbacca Bobble Heads"

    The Oculus Go makes a splash at a killer price point - true consumer VR is here. Instagram is shoppable now! Amazon's trying to be Snapchat. Plus: bar banter is dead.

  89. Thumb 1565371777 artwork

    "Secondhand is the New New" (w/ Ryan MacInnis)

    "Secondhand Commerce" is changing the way that we purchase luxury goods - from watches and handbags to sneakers - secondary markets are finding life after the initial purchase. Plus: Macy's acquires Story in a move to bring experiential retail to big the department store. Special thanks to Ryan MacInnis of Voysis for joining us on this episode of Future Commerce!

    Apologies for the audio quality in this episode as we encountered a technical issue. Should be fixed going forward! Thanks for listening!

  90. Thumb 1565372456 artwork

    "Leading Indicators of Unchecked Inflation"

    We're back! Brian joins Amazon, we talk subscription movie passes driving return to the shopping malls; and are we seeing leading indicators of unchecked inflation? PLUS: Who is the Nordstrom customer?

  91. Thumb 1565372522 artwork

    Retail Renaissance: A Review of Shoptalk 2018

    "Hopefully GDPR is the medicine we need to start putting our customers at the center of the story, and not our conversion rates". We review Shoptalk 2018 in the wake of Cambridge Analytica with a discussion about the content, the vendors, the experience, and how merchants can take the knowledge gained at a show like Shoptalk and turn it into actionable results.

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  93. Thumb 1565372712 artwork

    "Deep Fakes" - Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence

    What happens when you no longer control your own likeness? Is there an ethical line to be crossed with posthumous product spokesmanship? We skirt the line in this episode and get topical - talking about the subject of ethics and artificial intelligence and how online communities have banned "Deep Fakes" - pornographic simulations produced by artificial intelligence.

    Also - this week we have the return of Future Policy with Danny Sepulveda - this week we have an update about Net Neutrality and how it will affect global commerce and infrastructure.

  94. Thumb 1565372998 artwork

    Bonus Episode: Interview with E-commerce Braintrust Podcast: Voice Commerce

    We're bringing you a bonus episode - we sat down with Kiri Masters of Ecommerce Braintrust Podcast to talk about the proliferation of voice and voice commerce - and how it's changing the perception of what a brand is and how they engage their customers. To listen to the WHOLE thing head over to ecommercebraintrust.com and listen to Episode 19!

  95. Thumb 1565373074 artwork

    Voice Commerce: Distribution vs. Brand (w/ Ryan MacInnis, Voysis)

    Voice is dominating commerce experiences: but is it kitsch or is it kismet? What separates retailers who are implementing voice strategies? Ryan MacInnis of Voysis joins us to talk about how to give your brand a voice in a world spoken by Alexa. Plus: Facebook Fiona and Aloha - one more smart speaker / tablet to contend for our attention.

  96. Thumb 1565373240 artwork

    We Pay a Visit to Amazon Go

    We fulfill a promise to our listeners and provide an in-depth review of Amazon Go - including food, assortment, experience, and how the technology will be applied and extended into the future. Listen now!

  97. Thumb 1565373337 artwork
  98. Thumb 1565373458 artwork

    "It's Twenty-Bleeping-Eighteen"

    Homepod: more like yawn-pod. Plus: retail investment is gaining steam, mobile advertising to overtake traditional advertising, bye bye sales! Nike makes the foam sole more personal.

  99. Thumb 1565373547 artwork

    "Zero Mentions of Omnichannel" - LIVE at NRF 2018

    We recap NRF 2018 in a way that only Future Commerce can - LIVE from the show floor at The Big Show! Plus: is retail real estate in trouble? Have we left Omni Channel behind?

  100. Thumb 1565373645 artwork

    Mine Bitcoin with Kodak for Fun and Profit (CES 2018 Review)

    "Bitcoin isn't so much a currency as it is a commodity". 2018 is shaping up to be the year of Cryptocurrency - so we dive in a bit thanks to some news from CES 2018. Why should you care as a retailer? Plus: a preview of NRF's The Big Show 2018.

  101. Thumb 1565373723 artwork

    Virtual Reality You Can Feel (w/ Greg Bilsland, HaptX)

    We're joined for a special interview with Greg Bilsland of HaptX to talk about VR for Commerce and how touch in VR isn't as elusive as you may believe. Impossible technology worth paying attention to now: how realistic haptics will add another dimension to our immersive experiences in retail and training.

  102. Thumb 1565373811 artwork

    "Don't Underestimate What Can Happen in Just 1 Year"

    Future Commerce is making predictions all the time - so predicting the future of retail is right in our wheel house! Episode 55 is about making predictions for the coming retail year - from "experience" to flagships, to tech adoption and consumer sentiment - we cover it all. Plus, we're joined by Danny Sepulveda with our weekly Future Policy segment.

  103. Thumb 1565374008 artwork

    "Microsoft Paint, but for Augmented Reality"

    What exactly is Deep Learning? What can HAM radio teach us about decency in the social age? Danny Sepulveda joins us for a new "Future Policy" segment. Also - what exactly is Facebook Messenger Kids all about?

  104. Thumb 1565374112 artwork

    "Consumerism is our Religion"

    "If consumerism is our religion, then malls were our temples. Our temple now is the internet." Episode 53 is all about how Amazon owned Black Friday and while our heads were spinning they decided to take over Augmented Reality as well. Goodbye Black Friday, hello Black November. Also Google Poly and - in case you hadn't heard - Amazon's eating the world.

  105. Thumb 1565374231 artwork

    "One Technology Leading to Another"

    Technology can help you take your next step in retail - so we review the current landscape of retail-tech-focused podcasts, provide critique and offer insight into our favorite resources for keeping up to date on retail news.

  106. Thumb 1565374445 artwork

    FC INSIDERS Giveaway - PLUS - sneak peek at Episode 52

    BONUS EPISODE! We're giving away FIVE GOOGLE HOME MINIS! Sign up for FC INSIDERS newsletter before December 1st to receive one of FIVE Google Home Minis! PLUS - A quick shout out to Deborah Weinswig and a preview of Episode 52 of Future Commerce

  107. Thumb 1565374653 artwork

    AI, Classism, and the Digital Divide

    This week we've entered The Odd Couple territory. Brian's relentless optimism and hope for harnessing technology for a bright future contrast with Phillip's expressed skepticism that advancements in AI and automation will benefit the working class without regulatory oversight.

  108. Thumb 1565374771 artwork
  109. Thumb 1565375811 artwork
  110. Thumb 1565375912 artwork

    Gamifying Healthcare

    Healthcare is no game, but try telling insurance carriers that. Phillip gets manipulated into buying a denim jacket, innovation in fitness and fashion, Adobe "reinvents" fintech, and the guys go deep (real deep) on healthcare and insurance.

  111. Thumb 1565376091 artwork

    Is Magic Leap the Solyndra of 2017?

    What is eVTOL? Does the future of the world depend on disruption in Food Delivery and innovation in Public Transit? Also - Project Loon in Puerto Rico, Magic Leap takes a Series D

  112. Thumb 1565376174 artwork

    "Behind the Veneer"

    A review of Shop.org, Rockets, Rebuilding Puerto Rico, Toys 'R Us declares Bankruptcy and FC Insiders

  113. Thumb 1565376246 artwork

    Ecosystem Innovation (w/ Peter Sheldon, Magento)

    "If it doesn't add value, don't invest in it" - Peter Sheldon of Magento joins us to talk about crowdsourced ecosystem innovation, what PWAs mean for retailers, and gives his input on what the next 5-10 years looks like for retail

  114. Thumb 1565376373 artwork
  115. Thumb 1565376503 artwork
  116. Thumb 1565376644 artwork
  117. Thumb 1565376755 artwork
  118. Thumb 1565376842 artwork
  119. Thumb 1565376977 artwork

    Scobleized (w/Robert Scoble)

    Robert Scoble gives us a look at the not-so-distant future of VR, AR, and MR. By the end of the episode, even Phillip is ready to recommend that merchants turn their attention to this tech.

  120. Thumb 1565377092 artwork
  121. Thumb 1565377165 artwork
  122. Thumb 1565377415 artwork
  123. Thumb 1565377516 artwork
  124. Thumb 1565377668 artwork
  125. Thumb 1565377833 artwork
  126. Thumb 1565377925 artwork
  127. Thumb 1565378049 artwork


    Whether it's real or not, retail crisis is in the news and is the topic of conversation among retail merchants. Saku Panditharatne joins us to talk #retailcrisis.

  128. Thumb 1565378143 artwork

    Future of Content (w/ Acquia)

    We sit down with Acquia to talk their new partnership with Magento, the role of personalization, and recap of ShopTalk 2017

  129. Thumb 1565978612 artwork
  130. Thumb 1565978744 artwork
  131. Thumb 1565978873 artwork
  132. Thumb 1565978965 artwork
  133. Thumb 1565979152 artwork
  134. Thumb 1565979270 artwork
  135. Thumb 1565979426 artwork
  136. Thumb 1565979515 artwork

    NRF Series: IBM Watson with Amber Armstrong

    Brian discusses Watson, Cognitive, and the challenges of applying technology to retail with Amber Armstrong, Director of Digital, Social, Influencer at IBM

  137. Thumb 1565979607 artwork

    "Whoa Amazon Go"

    The guys do a prediction episode and 2017 looks like it's coming up AI

  138. Thumb 1565979767 artwork
  139. Thumb 1565979866 artwork

    #VoiceFirst (with Brian Roemmele)

    Part 1 of 2 of a deep discussion with Brian Roemmele about how voice interaction (and other tech) will revolutionize most everything.

  140. Thumb 1565979983 artwork
  141. Thumb 1565980064 artwork
  142. Thumb 1565980284 artwork
  143. Thumb 1565980392 artwork
  144. Thumb 1565980483 artwork
  145. Thumb 1565980626 artwork

    "Unbridled Witticisms"

    Best practices for chat bots, Google goes AI-first, #MadeByGoogle event coverage, Alexa announcements, and more.

  146. Thumb 1565980728 artwork
  147. Thumb 1566416328 artwork
  148. Thumb 1566416404 artwork

    The Dark Side

    Maybe the future isn't so bright, after all? We dig into recent news and some listener feedback that has us wondering just how positive our future will be with mounting global political uncertainty.

  149. Thumb 1566416487 artwork
  150. Thumb 1566416653 artwork

    Body Data

    Brian and Phillip go futurist and talk about the emerging technologies around Body Data. They dive into more privacy issues including a national healthcare database and owning / managing your health data.

  151. Thumb 1566416768 artwork

    Acquisitions, Acquisitions Everywhere

    Brian and Phillip talk about merger and acquisition activity in the digital commerce space and how it will affect the future of digital commerce.

  152. Thumb 1566416900 artwork

    Augmented Reality is Just Getting Started

    Brian and Phillip discuss the future of Augmented Reality (AR) and how Pokemon Go raises questions about the future of commerce, mobile computing, digital commerce and privacy.

  153. Thumb 1566417026 artwork

    Cognitive Commerce (featuring Tom Robertshaw)

    The guys sit down with IBM Watson and Cognitive Commerce Expert Tom Robertshaw to talk about the future of machine learning , artificial intelligence and tradeoff analytics.

  154. Thumb 1566417158 artwork

    An Introduction to Passive Commerce

    Brian and Phillip talk about "Passive Commerce" (a phrase coined by Jason Baptiste) that describes the ability to "harvest" purchase intent by giving purchase opportunities outside a traditional shopping cart.

  155. Thumb 1566417513 artwork
  156. Thumb 1566417614 artwork

    Conversational Commerce: Google I/O

    Phillip and Brian cover the Google I/O 2016 announcements and how they all seem to enable conversational commerce.

  157. Thumb 1566417687 artwork

    Conversational Commerce: WWDC

    Phillip and Brian dissect the announcements made at Apple's WWDC event on June 16, 2016 and how every announcement touched on developer access to APIs and tools to develop conversational commerce.

  158. Thumb 1566417749 artwork
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