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A retail podcast focused on what's new and what's next in commerce - cutting-edge, next generation technology and strategy for modern brands. We unpack the daily news of retail brands around the world and break it down into actionable insights for your business.

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    Deep Fakes for Commerce: A New Era of Personalization for Retail

    CVS launches "Beauty Mark", its truth-in-advertising campaign; while AI is generating faces that are plausibly real. Meanwhile companies like SuperPersonal are putting customers into model try-on videos. Have "deep fakes" - AI algorithms that map faces and micro-expressions onto stock footage - come to retail? How can they help? How can they hurt? Listen now!

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    "The Intersection of Preferences and Intent" (with Chris Homer, CTO @ thredUP)

    Recorded live at eTail West 2019, Brian sits down with Chris Homer of thredUP to talk about how data is assisting the "treasure hunt" in the secondhand retail market space. thredUP uses data, events and preferences to help their customers find wardrobe pieces they'll love, and they use technology to assist them to have joyful experiences over and over.

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    "Bottle Up Kindness" (w/ Ingrid Milman, Ann Taylor)

    Brian sits down at eTail West 2019 with Ingrid Milman, eCommerce Strategist for Ann Inc (Ann Taylor | LOFT | Lou & Grey) . Ingrid talks about customer expectations in the digital age, clienteling as a culture, and how to lace kindness into a brand culture from top to bottom - from employee interaction to customer experience.

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    "The Future is Driven by Failure"

    Shoptalk 2019 is mere weeks away and so we take the opportunity to look through the brands, the speakers, and the agenda! ALSO: Is voice dead? Why don't we talk about failure? What were the key takeaways from the 2017 and 2018 editions of Shoptalk and what are we hoping to learn in 2019? Listen now!

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    "Controlling My Data Should Be a Fundamental Human Right"

    "Controlling my data will be a fundamental human right in the 2050's" Phillip and Brian recap Future Stores Miami and get deep into futurism on what the future of humanity and commerce looks like as we evolve from Homo Erectus, to Homo Sapien and finally to Homo Deus.

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    Annual Predictions Episode - 2019 Commerce Trends and Technology

    Phillip and Brian deliver on their 2019 predictions - AR is here, where is it heading? Retail wages - are they rising? Brands can finally compete with Amazon - and what about Charitable Commerce? All that and more - PLUS what the "retail apocalypse" was REALLY all about. Listen now!

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    "Instagrammable Moments" Live @ NRF 2019

    Products that are sharable are all the rage - in part 1 of our recap of NRF we come to you live from the show floor and talk about how retailers are using customer engagement to shape how their product assortment and marketing are crafted. Listen now!

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    "New Commerce" with Brandon L. Singer, Cushman Wakefield

    "Stores with in stores" is a concept often spoken but seldom understood. With retail closures on the rise we look at how real estate is adapting to new digitally native brands, how flagships are shifting focus, and how companies like Cushman and Wakefield are helping brands get to market faster than ever. Listen now!

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