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A retail podcast focused on what's new and what's next in commerce - cutting-edge, next generation technology and strategy for modern brands. We unpack the daily news of retail brands around the world and break it down into actionable insights for your business.

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    "Late-Stage Capitalism"

    What are the implications of multi-generational branding? PLUS: is empowering employees the key to bolstering customer retention? Listen now!

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    Our Monday update is back: "Re-commerce" players like StockX and TheRealReal have huge news this week in our continued coverage of Secondhand Commerce. Listen now!

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    Store Closings in Reverse (w/ Ingrid Milman, e.l.f. Cosmetics)

    Ingrid Milman is back, and she has some really exciting news to share with our audience! Some retailers are actually opening more stores, and somehow Brian has never been to a Burlington. Plus- Way too many legacy brands are overusing terms like "data-driven, and both Glossier and Lively have figured out (in different ways) how to create communities around both their products and their customers! Listen Now!

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    Cheap Fakes

    Phillip and Brian are back to talking about deep fakes (and cheap fakes), Instagram may be having a massive influence on purchasing decisions, and is the term direct-to-consumer no longer relevant? Listen now!

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    "Chipotle is Woke Subway"

    Brian wants to go "woke" hunting, Phillip identifies socially conscious brands, Digiday launches Modern Retail. PLUS: MailChimp creates a content division because, quote, "why not?" Listen now!

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    "Real Estate as a Luxury Impulse Purchase"

    Instagram is powering impulse luxury purchases, Snapchat launches commerce (for influencers), IKEA rolls out robot furniture, PLUS: Stitch Fix earnings are in and the outcome might surprise you. Listen now!

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    "Challenging the Design Normative"

    Bonobos is the newest to try-before-you-buy brands, Walmart is killing it, Phillip loves on ULTA (again) but not for the reason you think - PLUS a new approach to designing ecommerce experiences for Gen Z. Listen now!

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    Is Conversational Commerce a $112B Opportunity?

    What does Star Trek teach us about ambient computing? How is voice evolving? Is voice dead? And if not is it a potential $112B market opportunity? Special bonus episode COMIN ATCHA. Listen now!

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    "Mood Ring Garter Belts by Subscription"

    One of these things is not like the other: Arby's x Birchbox, $88 rental products from Urban Outfitters and a prediction of Kohl's having a potential suitor. Listen now!

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