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A retail-focused podcast looking at the future of digital commerce - Conversational Commerce, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Cognitive Commerce, Contextual Commerce, Voice Commerce and more.

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    Future Commerce Episode 73 - "Choose Your Own Adventure" (w/ Dave Pelton, Vertex)

    LIVE from IRCE 2018! The Supreme Court of the United States is about to make a decision in a landmark case which may affect how sales tax nexus is calculated for merchants in all 50 states. Dave Pelton, Product Line Leader at Vertex, breaks down how this decision could affect retail and how - regardless of the outcome - online merchants may be impacted going forward.

    Listen now!

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    Future Commerce Episode 72 - Community as a Retail Differentiator

    Community-building is powering everything from product innovation to commerce platforms. In this episode we dive into how to build a community and how to do it with authenticity. Plus: how did Kanye West's Yeezy brand shape the entire footwear industry in just 5 years?

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    Future Commerce Episode 71 - "Nirvana of Personalization"

    Can you be persuaded into behavior based on social proof? "Retail Predestination" is what happens when a social network decides you need to purchase something. Do you have the agency to make purchase decisions or is Facebook deciding your fate and retail persona? We dive into the Adobe + Magento partnership and uncover how personalization is affecting how purchase decisions are being made, and in turn, how consumers are behaving.

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    Future Commerce Episode 70 - Manufactured Scarcity: Secondhand Commerce

    As resale of luxury goods and scarce artist collaborations in fashion is on the rise - how long until brands begin to own their own "secondary markets"? Secondhand commerce is here, and we take a deep dive into the maturation of the afterlife of luxury goods. ALSO: subscription commerce comes to the auto industry. Listen now!

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    Future Commerce Episode 69 - "Sommoliers of Retail"

    Experiential retail is here - what does the sales force look like? Facebook is mining Instagram photos for context with AI while unveiling a new dating service. Twitter fesses up to a security issue. Commerce comes to social. Also: is the AI talent market causing brain drain in education?

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    Future Commerce Episode 67 - "Secondhand is the New New" (w/ Ryan MacInnis)

    "Secondhand Commerce" is changing the way that we purchase luxury goods - from watches and handbags to sneakers - secondary markets are finding life after the initial purchase. Plus: Macy's acquires Story in a move to bring experiential retail to big the department store. Special thanks to Ryan MacInnis of Voysis for joining us on this episode of Future Commerce!

    Apologies for the audio quality in this episode as we encountered a technical issue. Should be fixed going forward! Thanks for listening!

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    Future Commerce Episode 65 - Retail Renaissance: A Review of Shoptalk 2018

    "Hopefully GDPR is the medicine we need to start putting our customers at the center of the story, and not our conversion rates". We review Shoptalk 2018 in the wake of Cambridge Analytica with a discussion about the content, the vendors, the experience, and how merchants can take the knowledge gained at a show like Shoptalk and turn it into actionable results.

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    Future Commerce Episode 63 - "Deep Fakes" - Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence

    What happens when you no longer control your own likeness? Is there an ethical line to be crossed with posthumous product spokesmanship? We skirt the line in this episode and get topical - talking about the subject of ethics and artificial intelligence and how online communities have banned "Deep Fakes" - pornographic simulations produced by artificial intelligence.

    Also - this week we have the return of Future Policy with Danny Sepulveda - this week we have an update about Net Neutrality and how it will affect global commerce and infrastructure.

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    Future Commerce Bonus Episode: Interview with Ecommerce Braintust Podcast: Voice Commerce

    We're bringing you a bonus episode - we sat down with Kiri Masters of Ecommerce Braintrust Podcast to talk about the proliferation of voice and voice commerce - and how it's changing the perception of what a brand is and how they engage their customers. To listen to the WHOLE thing head over to ecommercebraintrust.com and listen to Episode 19!

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    Future Commerce Episode 61 - We Pay a Visit to Amazon Go

    We fulfill a promise to our listeners and provide an in-depth review of Amazon Go - including food, assortment, experience, and how the technology will be applied and extended into the future. Listen now!

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    Future Commerce Episode 56 - Virtual Reality You Can Feel (w/ Greg Bilsland, HaptX)

    We're joined for a special interview with Greg Bilsland of HaptX to talk about VR for Commerce and how touch in VR isn't as elusive as you may believe. Impossible technology worth paying attention to now: how realistic haptics will add another dimension to our immersive experiences in retail and training.

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    FutureCommerce Episode 55 - "Don't Underestimate What Can Happen in Just 1 Year"

    Future Commerce is making predictions all the time - so predicting the future of retail is right in our wheel house! Episode 55 is about making predictions for the coming retail year - from "experience" to flagships, to tech adoption and consumer sentiment - we cover it all. Plus, we're joined by Danny Sepulveda with our weekly Future Policy segment.

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    Future Commerce Episode 53 - "Consumerism is our Religion"

    "If consumerism is our religion, then malls were our temples. Our temple now is the internet." Episode 53 is all about how Amazon owned Black Friday and while our heads were spinning they decided to take over Augmented Reality as well. Goodbye Black Friday, hello Black November. Also Google Poly and - in case you hadn't heard - Amazon's eating the world.

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    FC INSIDERS Giveaway - PLUS - sneak peek at Episode 52

    BONUS EPISODE! We're giving away FIVE GOOGLE HOME MINIS! Sign up for FC INSIDERS newsletter before December 1st to receive one of FIVE Google Home Minis! PLUS - A quick shout out to Deborah Weinswig and a preview of Episode 52 of Future Commerce

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    Future Commerce Episode 51 - AI, Classism, and the Digital Divide

    This week we've entered The Odd Couple territory. Brian's relentless optimism and hope for harnessing technology for a bright future contrast with Phillip's expressed skepticism that advancements in AI and automation will benefit the working class without regulatory oversight.

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    Future Commerce Episode 48 - Gamifying Healthcare

    Healthcare is no game, but try telling insurance carriers that. Phillip gets manipulated into buying a denim jacket, innovation in fitness and fashion, Adobe "reinvents" fintech, and the guys go deep (real deep) on healthcare and insurance.

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    FutureCommerce Episode 31 - #retailcrisis

    Whether it's real or not, retail crisis is in the news and is the topic of conversation among retail merchants. Saku Panditharatne joins us to talk #retailcrisis.

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    FutureCommerce Episode 10 - The Dark Side

    Maybe the future isn't so bright, after all? We dig into recent news and some listener feedback that has us wondering just how positive our future will be with mounting global political uncertainty.

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    FutureCommerce Episode 8 - Body Data

    Brian and Phillip go futurist and talk about the emerging technologies around Body Data. They dive into more privacy issues including a national healthcare database and owning / managing your health data.

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    FutureCommerce Episode 1 - Conversational Commerce: WWDC

    Phillip and Brian dissect the announcements made at Apple's WWDC event on June 16, 2016 and how every announcement touched on developer access to APIs and tools to develop conversational commerce.

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