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A retail-focused podcast looking at the future of digital commerce - Conversational Commerce, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Cognitive Commerce, Contextual Commerce, Voice Commerce and more.

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    Future Commerce Bonus Episode: Interview with Ecommerce Braintust Podcast: Voice Commerce

    We're bringing you a bonus episode - we sat down with Kiri Masters of Ecommerce Braintrust Podcast to talk about the proliferation of voice and voice commerce - and how it's changing the perception of what a brand is and how they engage their customers. To listen to the WHOLE thing head over to ecommercebraintrust.com and listen to Episode 19!

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    Future Commerce Episode 61 - We Pay a Visit to Amazon Go

    We fulfill a promise to our listeners and provide an in-depth review of Amazon Go - including food, assortment, experience, and how the technology will be applied and extended into the future. Listen now!

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    Future Commerce Episode 56 - Virtual Reality You Can Feel (w/ Greg Bilsland, HaptX)

    We're joined for a special interview with Greg Bilsland of HaptX to talk about VR for Commerce and how touch in VR isn't as elusive as you may believe. Impossible technology worth paying attention to now: how realistic haptics will add another dimension to our immersive experiences in retail and training.

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    FutureCommerce Episode 55 - "Don't Underestimate What Can Happen in Just 1 Year"

    Future Commerce is making predictions all the time - so predicting the future of retail is right in our wheel house! Episode 55 is about making predictions for the coming retail year - from "experience" to flagships, to tech adoption and consumer sentiment - we cover it all. Plus, we're joined by Danny Sepulveda with our weekly Future Policy segment.

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