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A retail-focused podcast looking at the future of digital commerce - Conversational Commerce, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Cognitive Commerce, Contextual Commerce, Voice Commerce and more.

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    Future Commerce Episode 84 - "California Is Our Only Hope"

    Netflix is pioneering digital-first "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style content; because who else owns the delivery platform and the content authorship? Also: Plus-size investments are becoming more prevalent with Wal-Mart's acquisition of Eloquii, California bans "bots". Listen now!

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    Future Commerce Episode 83 - "Right on Target"

    Target released its earnings just before we published Episode 80 - and our whole perspective shifted. Plus: Salesforce's Benioff is on a spending spree; Apple's major differentiator - creating products you literally can't live without. Literally. Listen now!

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    Future Commerce Episode 81 - Shop.org 2018 Innovation Lab

    Brian attends Shop.org 2018 and interviews the most compelling exhibitors in the Innovation Lab. From 3D body scanning to projection mapping listen how retailers are pushing the limits of technology.

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    Future Commerce Episode 79 - "Email is a Global Identity Platform" (w/ Allen Nance, Emarsys)

    According to Allen Nance email has transcended from a communication platform to a global source of identity for consumers the world over. The CMO of Emarsys sits down with us to talk about how this communication medium has a globally accepted protocol which may unlock the key to identity in a social and mobile commerce future. Listen now!

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    Future Commerce Episode 78 - "Clicks to Bricks"

    "Voice is dead", Hema launches experiential grocery, cast your votes with the blockchain! Also - which online mattress retailer is opening 200 stores in the USA? One guess, and it rhymes with "blasper". Listen now!

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